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Thread: Blending before or after rooasting?

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    Blending before or after rooasting?

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    Hi guys, I have been roasting a blend of beans using a coretto set up for a while now.I have always blended the beans before roasting and I am quite happy with the result.I was just wondering other peoples opinions on if a better result is acheived with blending the beans after roasting in regards to depth of flavour in the cup ?
    Thanks Norm

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    Re: Blending before or after rooasting?

    You have asked "...what other peoples opinoins are..."

    It is completely and utterly up to the person doing the roasting as to which way they prefer, and the only way they can know is by trying both ways and forming their own opinion.

    This is not a smart alec answer, it is the god honest truth.

    Try it both ways and keep in your minds eye that you are in this regard doing a straight comparison between a pre blend and a post blend of the same mix percentages. You might "test" for whatever you like but for example, the test might be simply to see if you think there is a difference or not and if so, what do you think the difference is...

    Its not about whether one way is "better" than the other (except if you think so as a result of your trying), but more about "can I pick a difference and if so what is it and is it important to me and if so is it important enough for me to change my style of roasting to suit for my own personal satisfaction (or in the case of a roaster business, for the betterment of the product and the clients).

    The idea simply is....See what you think. This type of thing is what differentiates one coffee roaster from another.

    Your topic is good. This is a discussion about real coffee appreciation.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Blending before or after rooasting?

    Hi Norm, I roast using both pre and post blending. Ive got a couple of proven blends that I pre-mix, the three beans roast well together and the result in the cup is good. My mocha/java 2 bean blend roasts well together and I repeat this roast often.
    I also love single origin and will roast a few different beans and then post blend to different ratios to see what I come up with, its all a huge world of discovery where the only rules are your own so get in there and give it a go.........the proof is in the cup!!
    cheers gm ;) :) :D :D :D

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    Re: Blending before or after rooasting?

    Hi Norm, welcome to coffeesnobs. Im one for post blending myself, Im still learning what I like about the different beans I have and how they might best go together.

    Also, a friendly little tip about internet forums, theres always lots of information available and if youre wondering about something, chances are someone else may have as well and already asked the same question. In this case, there is a poll on this very topic just a few threads down the page ... *;)

    can a mod please merge these threads seeing as they are both on the front page of the section? thanks.

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    Re: Blending before or after rooasting?

    Thanks very much everyone for your ideas on this topic. I will try post blending soon. Sorry I didnt see the existing poll further down the page, will look harder in future.

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