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Thread: a great blend called "Cadillac"

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    a great blend called "Cadillac"

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    here is a great blend coffee called Cadillac which means bring you a smooth,richfull taste. if you like it, just try!

    Brazilian Santos 30%
    Gatemalan Antigua 40%
    Sumatran mandelling 30 %

    -kobe newcome from china :P

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    Re: a great blend called "Cadillac"

    Sounds good kobe, welcome to Coffeesnobs from the other side of the world!!!

    :) ;) :D

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    Re: a great blend called "Cadillac"

    Welcome Kobe Kaffa to Coffee Snobs

    I have Sumatran mandheling

    (subject to availability on bean bay)
    When I get the other 2 beans I will certainly give it a go

    Cadillac ?? - Vrooom Vrooom

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