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Thread: Your top three

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    Your top three

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    Hi all

    Just starting out with roasting/blending and interested to know what has worked for you. *What are the best three you have come up with? Bean percentages and rest times etc are what Im really interested in.... *And why you like it.

    Needless to say, dont post any commercially valuable intellectual property!

    For the record, our only blend to date is First Crack
    (not original, but is is our first crack and is approx 43% Yirg/ 43% Brazilian Daterra Sweet Collection/ 15% Ottuman Robusta.

    Looking forward to hearing your replies!


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    Re: Your top three

    Hi Luwaks, I roast for some friends and they keep coming back for it--50% Brazil 35% PNG and 15% Ethiopian--I post blend it and roast it to just past the first snaps of second crack CS 9ish. Nice after 5-7 days rest keeps improving till finished a few days later!! :)
    I prefer so but occasional experiment with blends, roast up a few beans and then post blend with different ratios to see what I come up with, its all a great learning curve trying to tantalise our tastebuds!! :)

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    Re: Your top three

    I found a really good blend today, so i think i should let you guys know

    it is
    60% Colombian Supremo (Light French)
    20% Colombian Supremo (City Roast)
    20% Coast Rican (High Roast)

    It has really really rich body mmmmmmmmmm~~~~~ ;)

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    Re: Your top three

    Some of the best blends Ive roasted here at home have tended to be S.O. blends, i.e. the same bean roasted to slightly different profiles/depths and then blended afterwards. Always worth experimenting with slightly different profiles of individual bean batches, cupping them progressively over time to identify the intrinsic flavour dominances and then try to determine which profiles might go well with each other and in what proportions, then repeat the cupping to identify the end results.

    It does take some time to do all this but you learn an awful lot and begin to get a much better feel of how to determine which bean/roast profiles and their proportions in the blend will work for you. Experimentation is the name of the game..... 8-)


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    Re: Your top three

    Ive been roasting green beans from all over the world for a couple of years now, and have many favorites, but one that roasts very well come from right here in Australia...Mt roasts very evenly and has never failed me.

    And of course Ill always be trying new beans from all over, thats part of the fun of going to the trouble as some say it is of roasting your own.

    Oh for the love of a great cup of coffee.... :D

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    Re: Your top three

    The only blend Ive liked from multiple experiments is also topical as Beanbay happens to have both back in stock tonight, and Ive ordered 30kg.

    50% Nicaraguan Dipilto (CS10 average - combo of 9-10-11)
    50% PNG Wahgi (CS10)
    Roasted separately; they have a difference in roasting time and allows for tweaks.

    Rest time: consume from 3 days-10 days.

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