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Thread: Brown Bean Beginner

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    Brown Bean Beginner

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    Hey CS crew,

    I know its probably the wrong forum but not sure where else to post on this board (which is amazing btw!)

    So Ive spent the past two years getting the house blend from Single Origin in Surry Hills, Sydney, and generally love it - I make daily double espressos from my E6910 and weekend lattes & macchiatos for me & the wife.

    But now that my wife no longer works above the cafe its hard to get the beans on a regular basis and I go weeks without fresh beans :(

    So I want to buy online and wondered if anyone out there knows the Single Origin house blend flavour and what would be a similar mix as a starting point?

    Thanks in advance peeps!

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    Re: Brown Bean Beginner

    No idea on the blend youre talking about - why dont you start us off by describing how you like your coffee (white or black is a good beginning, but maybe you tasted something in that blend that you would describe as sweet, smokey, strong, deep (I had a laugh) ... whatever) and we might be able to find something nice to try either in beanbay or through sponsors.
    Ive only had one less than great experience (pm if you want the name to avoid) but even that wasnt a big deal. Or just jump in yourself - read some descriptions and just give something new a go - you might be pleasantly surprised!

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    Re: Brown Bean Beginner

    Thanks for the gentle encouragement... Im guessing I like the chocolaty, sweet, lingering espressos (love a double ristretto without sugar from a good barista) - generally the shorter and blacker the better!

    Have heeded your advice and after reading a thread in the cupping room have bought a kilo of espresso WOW as my first purchase... so stay tuned!

    Next stop is getting the milk right for my wifes skim lattes on the weekend and ensuring the milk is creamy, not just hot!

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