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Thread: Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

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    Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

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    Anyone has blend that consist of only Indonesian Coffee Beans that taste awesome in espresso?

    Some of the Beans I have in mind are Sulawesi Toraja, Sumatra and Java, not sure if all these can combine very well?

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    Re: Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

    Quote Originally Posted by 7B69767B741A0 link=1256157978/0#0 date=1256157978
    not sure if all these can combine very well
    so roast em up and let us know!

    I might give an all Indo blend a go myself and report back. Thinking Aceh Gajah Mountain & Sumatran Mandehling Mystic as a starting point.

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    Re: Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

    I reckon having never tried it mind you, that Java would go really nicely with some Suluweasi Kallosi.

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    Re: Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

    Roast them all as single origins and then try different combinations and see what you come up with, thats the joy of home roasting ;) ;) ;)

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    Re: Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

    I think the indos make awesome straight espresso blends but if your standard drink is with milk then add something like the Wahgi to get a higher acidity to cut through the milk. *In white coffees that will carry the indo depth and produce more sweetness.

    ...but yes, as Greenman suggests the best bet is to find what suits your taste the best by playing with the blend components.

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    Re: Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

    Im with Andy though....

    Love all of the Indos as S.O. coffee since they all possess loads of complexity in their own right and consumed as Piccolo Lattes, theres no real need to add any extra acidity IMHO. Beautiful as straight Espresso and Long Blacks as well...... 8-)


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    Re: Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

    In principle its possible, but I dont know the recipe. Ive recently had some beans from a non-sponsor in sydney - I gave them a go since they were donating 25% of this indo blend to the red cross earthquake appeal. It had 3 different regional indo beans - but obviously as a commercial operation they werent giving away the proportions!

    Simply sensational both as espresso and as a flat white.

    It inspired me to order some of the sumatran beans in the last bean bay, but I missed out, just. Bummer. Next time, maybe.

    But if you work out something good, do tell!

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    Re: Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

    I picked up some Indonesian God Mountain wet processed and sun dried arabica last night...i was thinking about adding some to the Salawesi i roasted 5 days ago?

    Ill keep you posted if it happens :)

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    Re: Indonesian Coffee Beans Blend

    Ive manged to taste S.O. of Sumatra Kuda Mas and Sulawesi Toraja, The Sulawesi Toraja taste good straight. But not really with the Kuda Mas I reckon, not sure if I need to roast the Kuda Mas longer, as the one ive purchased for Sulawesi seems to be darker.

    Anyone thinks will be alright if tasting individually just using a plunger?

    Trying to look for something that has a nice after taste.... On my mind loved to have Sumatra and Sulawesi in the blend and perhaps some other from Indonesia as well...

    anyone has the inspiration?

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