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Thread: Australia Day blend

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    Australia Day blend

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    This is what Ive been drinking for the last 3 days: 50% Brazil Alterosa + 50% MTE Bin 549 (cant really be called be an Oz Day blend without an Aussie bean).

    The MTE is distinctly fruity both on the nose and the palate but with a somewhat feral character - dont ask me to explain that. Not unpleasant but it works better as part of a blend. The Brazillian tames and sweetens it to make a quite interesting blend. Very enjoyable.

    I also made a veriation of 40% Brazilian, 40% MTE and 20% Hondurus Los Bancos which I took along to cksyds BeanBay pickup yesterday. It received some appreciate nods from at least two visitors which might also say a lot for Natalies (Mrs. Cksyd) home barista skills.

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    Re: Australia Day blend

    Had a double latte this morning Steve.

    Very nice mate, very nice indeed. *[smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Thanks for the blend, the look at a KKTO and the good company yesterday.


    ps - She had it dialled in (as much as you can with a 6910) nicely. The pour this morning was brilliant.

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