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Thread: Behmor Blend

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    Behmor Blend

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    Have done a few roasts in the last 24hrs in the Behmor.

    Did some Sumatran Mandheling, Ethiopian Harrar Longberry, and did a pre roast blend 50/50 Columbian Volcan Galeras supremo/Wahgi.

    Really, really happy with how the Columbian and Wahgi roasted together and cant wait to try it, will also be playing around by placing the other two in with this blend.

    Any advice on what ratios would be appreciated. I was thinking 80% of the Waghi/Columbian and 10% of each of the Harrar and Sumatran.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Behmor Blend

    The Sumatran + Ethiopian combo is basically a modern day version of what is a Mocha Jave blend.

    The Columbian + Wahgi combo is likely to be a fairly punchy , full bodied coffee with enough acidity to cut through milk.

    Figure out what you like about the Columhagi blend and what its missing and either enhance what you like or fill in the gaps using the Harrar and Sumatran.

    Personally?...if the Harrar is roasted on the lighter side i would put it all in with the Columhagi blend but thats just me :)

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    Re: Behmor Blend

    Cheers for the reply Caffeine Dealer.
    The Harrar is about CS7-8, and I did contemplate putting it all in with just a small amount of Sumatran.

    However I may have to try some blended with the Sumatran only aswell. Oh the pains of this addiction/ hobby ;).

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    Re: Behmor Blend

    I reckon that both Sumatran (I like the Blue Lintong) and the Harrar Longberry are heavenly as single origins, and a different sort of heavenly when mixed 50/50.

    Hmmmm, I have both on hand at the moment, and a bag of Columbian at work. I think some experimenting is called for this weekend. :)


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