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Thread: PNG and Indian Robusta

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    PNG and Indian Robusta

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    Decided to try some of these together this week as I had a bit of Robusta in the cupboard and some fresh PNG

    Did about 70% PNG and 30% Robusta, gives a lovely body in a long black, some sweetness? and citrus? from the PNG given a nice little lift and countering bitterness (just enough) from the Robusta

    Id certainly make this one up again and imagine it would cut through milk with ease (ive gone off milk based coffee recently)

    Has anyone else done any 2 bean blends using Robusta which have turned out well, or does a small bit of Robusta seem to mix well with most beans?

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    Re: PNG and Indian Robusta

    I have tried PNG Ethica70% & Java Robusta30% about 1 year ago, and it was awesome.
    I varied the ratios but found the 70/30 the best.
    Was great straight, but I thought better as milk based.


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    Re: PNG and Indian Robusta

    Interesting blend....

    Ive never added Robusta to any of my PNG beans over the years as Ive always thought that they were interesting enough in their own right. I have a couple of blends with PNG beans in them but all of the beans are Arabica. When I do add Robusta to a blend though, its never more than 15% and usually closer to 10%.

    Next time I roast some PNG beans, Ill try some Robusta with them but at way less than 30%. Ive got to grab myself a replacement Popper to roast the Robusta in yet, as the quantity needed per my usual total batch size is just too small to roast in the Corretto - Perfect in a popper though.... 8-) ;)


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