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Thread: Ezras Blend #01

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    Ezras Blend #01

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    After quite a bit of cupping and experimenting, here is my first real blend. Ezras Blend #01. There are some serious consistency issues with regards to roasting (uneven roast), but at the end of the day, I am satisfied with whats in the cup. The uneven roast for some of the beans had less of an effect than anticipated.

    Once I get my roasting method settled, I wouldnt mind bean sharing this blend. See this thread for more information:

    50% Brazilian Pulped Natural: That generic coffee taste. Not bright. Not particularly aromatic.

    20% Ethopian Gambella Sundried: Adds a "grassy"/earthy taste when taken as a long black and left to cool. Otherwise, adds some nice aromatics to the blend...though it isnt nearly as potent (aromatically) as the Harrar Longberry.

    20% Indian Monsooned Malabar: I absolutely love them as a single origin in long blacks. Tastes good even when long black almost cooled to room temp. Adds flavour and complexity without adding brightness to the cup.

    10% Panama Boguete Bajo Volcancito: Overly bright as a single origin. I cringe when I take it as espresso. Even as a ristretto with a relative dark roast level, this bean is too bright by its own, but it adds brightness to the blend.

    Note: I forgot to set my cameras whitebalance to manual so the white point for both pictures are different. In real life the crema is slightly darker than pictured in the bigger picture.

    Main picture taken a minute after extraction. 2s pre-infusion not included in 22s mentioned. Real time 22+2s.

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    Re: Ezras Blend #01

    Good on ya Ezra!!!

    Be sure to send me some of this in the bean swapping bonanza!

    Good to see people playing with blends, i reakon its great fun!!!

    Could you please describe this blend as a whole, it will help people understand what they are tasting when we start the swapping ;)

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