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Thread: Wahgi and Sumatra

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    Wahgi and Sumatra

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    I have to admit to stealing this idea of Andy as he wrote "The Mandheling is the exact inverse of the Wahgi Peaberry... but the two will actually work quite well together in a blend as the Wahgi will help the choc/\/berry/\/earth from the Sumatran pull though a milk based drink and add sweetness."

    The Mandheling to me was a very big full body fruity (blueberry) coffee but little sweetness and no "high end" flavours.
    The Wahgi AA is sweet, smells like honey to me. Mid to light body. No fruit.
    So it seemed like a good idea to me.

    I didnt have enough Peaberry but had enough non Peaberry.
    I did a 50:50 Post roast blend. Both were pulled a little after second crack.

    One day after roast it was very dominated by the Sumatra. 5 days after.... beautiful. The big sweet fruity aroma off the grinder was sensational. In a short black yummo! Body, fruit and sweet.
    Sent a sample to WSully, so he is enjoying it too.

    About the only thing missing is a little acid which the Peaberry might have helped. But alas I have a very little amount of either.

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    Re: Wahgi and Sumatra

    nice one.

    I had forgotten Andys suggestion, and have a little Mandheling and Peaberry left. will post results in a week or so.

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    Re: Wahgi and Sumatra

    Quote Originally Posted by 2724363632243C450 link=1273554831/0#0 date=1273554831
    Sent a sample to WSully, so he is enjoying it too
    Yes he is ;)

    To me it has a very dominant cocoa/dark choc flavour to it, great afternoon brew, or evening, or night for that matter, and bassway, in case your wondering.........yes, i just finished another cup! :D

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