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Thread: New roaster, wanting help making a blend

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    New roaster, wanting help making a blend

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    Hi guys,

    I have these beans in differing quantities. I am using the baby roaster so from what I can gather need to do 200 gram roasts which would make it hardish to invent my own blend via cupping when I have only 500 grams of some beans (part of the starter pack). Beyond which I dont really trust my palate to be developed enough to get close to working out which goes with which. Plan is to roast separate and blend the beans post roast.

    I have:

    Ethiopian Limu 500gms

    Ethiopian Guna Limu 2.5kgs (have no idea if these are different the Limu was in the starter pack, bought the Guna in this months bean bay).
    Peru ceja de Silva Estate 2.5kgs

    Brazil pulped natural 500gms

    Ugandan Maraba AA 500gms

    Guatemala Huehuetenango approx 6.5 kgs. (bought 7.5 have done a few roasts).

    Any suggestions for blends using these beans? I drink under milk. Dont mind a piccolo but havent found the taste for straight espresso/long blacks yet.

    Any suggestions for beans I need to do other or better blends?

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    Re: New roaster, wanting help making a blend

    Hi quom, the Peru and Limu would probably go well together.
    Best bet is to roast a few beans and try different combinations and let your palate decide what you like, thats the joy of home roasting--you make your own rules!! ;) ;) :) :)

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    Re: New roaster, wanting help making a blend

    Hi Quom, I am also quite new to roasting and blending.

    When I started I was worried about "making mistakes". Dont be too worried about trying different combinations - even if they dont turn out how you thought, it is not much of a loss.

    I drink expresso, so my likes may differ to yours. I think a great combo is South American base and a bit of African for funking it up. I use 70% Brazilian (or Peruvian) and 30% Ethiopian.

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    Re: New roaster, wanting help making a blend

    That mix used to work really well for me too alan. I dont like the ethiopians much by themself unless they have sat for at least a week. I much prefer to put them in a blend. Makes the brazil much bolder!!!! I used to do 100g ethiopian and 200g brazil when I was using a popper.

    I have found ethiopian a really good blender. The first batch i did I tried by itself a day or two later and almost tipped it down the sink. Thought to myself how am i gonna use 2.5kgs of this stuff. Thinking of buying some more now.

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    Re: New roaster, wanting help making a blend

    The Ethiopian beans sure add another dimension to blends. If considering the offerings Andy has, I like the viscosity Gambella adds to a blend. The Yirggie has a great flavour, actually drinking as SO at moment.

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