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Thread: Serendipity blend

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    Serendipity blend

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    Last week I was trying to rationalise some of my stockpile and found I had 300g left of the following:
    Ugandan Busamaga
    Ugandan Bugamisu
    Honduras Los Bancos

    To finish them all off, I decided to blend them pre-roast and roast the 900g together.

    The result was pretty good.

    However, I also did Costa Rica Tarrazu last week ans as I often do, I mixed a scoop of 1 jar with the other.
    Essentially ending up with a 4 bean blend:
    50% Costa Rica Tarrazu
    16.6% Ugandan Busamaga
    16.6% Ugandan Bugamisu
    16.6% Honduras Los Bancos
    +/- 0.1% rounding

    The result in the cup for milk based drink has been fantastic.
    So much that we have now merged all beans into 1 jar for the rest of the week!


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    Re: Serendipity blend

    :) :)the joy of home roasting, experimentation--anything goes on our journey for the perfect cup :D :D :D

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