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Thread: 2 Bean to Blend from Green Bean Sale

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    2 Bean to Blend from Green Bean Sale

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I will pick 2 of 2.5kg bean from Green Bean Sale this week.
    Would anyone recommend what bean to pick such that
    - they both could be blended with ok result.
    - good as Single Origin

    Thanks for all advice.

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    Re: 2 Bean to Blend from Green Bean Sale

    Quote Originally Posted by 3338313C35223D3338313924500 link=1289619701/0#0 date=1289619701
    I will pick 2 of 2.5kg bean from Green Bean Sale this week.
    Would anyone recommend what bean to pick
    Taste is subjective but blending is also about experimentation.
    Not sure of your roasting experience so, assuming you dont have much (as you asked this question), go for one bag of Peru Ceja de Selva Estate as a nice, easy roasting easy blending bean. Then try a central American or an African bean. Perhaps an Indian.

    Why not go for 3 bags full and give yourself even more options. If you are new to roasting, go the starter pack and let Andy suggest for you.

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    Re: 2 Bean to Blend from Green Bean Sale

    Just to chip in and reinforce what Flynn said: the Ceja de Selva is really easy to roast and gives a nice smooth cup as a SO espresso. I personally find it slightly boring, but it is great as the base for a blend.

    I have a bias towards African beans, and the Ethiopians are all nice ;)

    But if you grabbed a bag of the Mexican too, then as Flynn said - youve got more options.

    Youll need to roast some of each to try by themselves - there is no point doing a blend blind. You need to figure out what each bean brings to the table.

    The Peruvian is nice and smooth, the Africans are pretty universally described as "bright" and the Mexican (from Andys notes - I dont have any of that one) looks like it might have distinct chocky sweetness. But you have to try for yourself! Everyones preferences are different. That is the small joy in doing it yourself (and one of the curses!).


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    Re: 2 Bean to Blend from Green Bean Sale

    I like the PNG, Peru and Brazil as base beans. In that order too. Brazil really is very bland and boring I find. PNG and Peru work well by themselves for my taste. I had some ethiopian that I HATED. I found it needs a good rest before going near it and that if you put 1/3 ethiopian in with any of those blending beans it makes a really good cup. My palate hasnt evolved enough to get any more complex than that by ethiopians in blends works for "me" and thats what counts. Give it a shot.

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    Re: 2 Bean to Blend from Green Bean Sale

    Id try and sneak a few extra 2.5kg bags if you can. Put in your location. Someone may decide to split a bag with you. Ive got a syndicate going where we split bags so we can taste them all - then buy up big if any are left.

    You do go through them pretty fast. I really like the Peru (my favourite blender) and a great single. PNG is great too.

    For me, I get a bit more taste-bang out of the Mexican and the Gambella (post day 10).

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