I still had some dry process Sidamo left over, so tried a 50/50 blend with harrar. * Both roasted together, *and I would have to say a Very uneven roast... * *I suspect the Sidamo has roasted lighter than the Harrar. *It was a light roast pulled just prior to second crack. * *

And the result:

Huge body, and the Sidamo has rounded it out with a spice aroma & taste, toning down the sweetness and adding a bit more acidity to produce a really nice espresso and/or latte, which I prefer to the Harrar just on its own. *(and the harrar was pretty good to start with...) *

Took some to work today and had it in the plunger, *half way across bass straight on the way down to Hobart. * No complaints either from the other caffeine drinker needing a fix, who scored the other half of my single cup plunger brew.

Very happy with the result. * :P The only problem is Ive got no more of either bean left, and will now have to find & buy some more. * *