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Thread: Ramacafe/Galeras or Ramacafe/Rititi

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    Ramacafe/Galeras or Ramacafe/Rititi

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    Having finally succeeded with a delicious Galeras + Rititi blend. Im wanting to try another, which will work better Ramacafe/Galeras or Ramacafe/Rititi. these are the only beans i have left.

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    Re: Ramacafe/Galeras or Ramacafe/Rititi

    Im no expert (at all) with respect to blending - I try to follow the guidelines in the excellent guide on the forum. *BUT - some of the most interesting blends Ive done have been the "Cripes. *3 bags with only a few beens in them. *Wouldnt it be better to have only 1 bag". Category :P

    Now, I guess that arises for any one of many possible reasons but I think the scientific approach of "Hmm - what is this SO missing? *Let me add xxx to fix that" tends to turn every blend into the same thing - your perfect idea of coffee. *A kind of nirvana-ish sameness. *Random blends sometimes shout back "look at me!"....

    Of course, once you find a nifty blend based on dregs, you can never quite reproduce it. *So Ive given up and just enjoy!


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