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Thread: Help Blending Experts!

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    Help Blending Experts!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Please anyone could you give me some more tips on how to blend the perfect coffee for my friend who would come to visit me next week. Im kinda confused on anything else. :-[

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    Re: Help Blending Experts!

    Quote Originally Posted by 4D415259111242200 link=1299813685/0#0 date=1299813685
    Please anyone could you give me some more tips on how to blend the perfect coffee for my friend who would come to visit me next week. Im kinda* confused on anything else.* :-[

    I generally start with 2 Single Origin (SO) coffees that I like and start at a 50/50 mix then adjust

    I normally blend for a chocolate after-taste because thats what I like


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    Re: Help Blending Experts!

    Start with the Mocha/Java 50/50 then play from there...I have a Kenya AA /PNG I really like but missing a sweetness for the body it gives - so I need to figure out what that is next.* So thats your journey see what you like and try it...then try different days post roast, mine above is great 5 days after roast

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    Re: Help Blending Experts!

    MAry12 - "what they said"...

    You cant really smith a blend without knowing what each bean might bring to the blend...

    If you look at the (long) thread on the "KJM House Blend" youll find a discussion on how I worked that one through.

    You need a bit of a decision tree too - do you want it to work with milk? If so, you need enough acid to cut through the milk.. Which will change things about. That was the hardest thing I had to deal with!

    So - if you take scollops blend above and mix in about 30-40% of the nice Ceja de Selva - itd provide some of the missing sweetness (for example!). For the KJM blend, I split that about 60/40 into the Ceja and a central...

    It isnt an exact science, IMHO. But thats basically how it worked for me!

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Help Blending Experts!

    Gday Mary.... :)

    Have you through this thread at the top of the page.... . It gives you some basic information to kick off with.

    Also, there is this very informative section Blending Basics from Sweet Marias website which is worth a read too....

    Blending coffee is a very personal activity though since we all have certain preferences for coffee in the cup, whether that be for espresso, plunger, drip, syphon or what have you. Experimentation and good record keeping is the key plus, it is a lot of fun.... 8-)

    All the best,

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