I have been drinking single origin and two bean blends until now. Possibly the best coffee I have had since I began roasting, all three were roasted separately on this occasion.
the blend:
40% Peru Ceja De Selva CS9
30% Bolivian Green Mountain CS8
30% Tanzanian Uru CS9

It was unreal. I drink a strong latte most of the time, long mac and short blacks. I had this blend only in the latte form so far. The sweetness up front was more than I expected, but it was the clear chocolate tones that was the most eyebrow raising. I have since had two short blacks one from the Tanzanian, the other from the Bolivian, and I have to say it was the former doing all the chocolate enhancing.
I think I will try this blend again with the PNG Kona Ka AA as the base, while I still have some of the same roast left from the others, and compare.