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Thread: monsoon malabar roasting

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    monsoon malabar roasting

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    Tried roasting MM together with waghi and ethiopian sundried and I think the MM commenced first crack at least 2 minutes before the other beans were ready; freaked out, tried to run the roast longer to give the others a chance to come to first crack as well. bagged and de-gassed for 10 days and the lot was crap. I figure the MM was close to charcoal ruining the roast. Since then have roasted the MM alone and blended afterwards mixed with the above and it was beautiful! :)

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    Re: monsoon malabar roasting

    Yep, theyre very different beans that like different profiles. Best to roast MM separately. And rest a week or two longer than the other blend components.

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    Re: monsoon malabar roasting

    I normally do the post blending thing with all beans these days, and i do find generally the results are better than preblending, and less stress due to a more even result. ;)

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    Re: monsoon malabar roasting

    Drinking Coffeebeanshopltd Monson Malabar right now, highly recommended, very good flavor, terrific crema, you wont regret buying this one!

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