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Thread: Green Turquno Monsoon

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    Green Turquno Monsoon

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    In this month's BeanBay, we saw the return of the Bolivian Green Mountain Estate, and the Cuban Turquino. I commented then that a 60/40 blend of these 2 would probably be nice.

    So on Saturday I did a roast of these 2 beans, and also threw in 10% Indian Monsooned Robusta, from a recent BeanBay.
    I know I'm drinking it too early, but lack of planning forces one's hand sometimes. But it is definitely improving daily, and should be a ripper by the time I reach the end of the bag.

    Anyway, for a 600 gram pre-blend roast for the Coretto;

    Bolivian Green Mountain Estate 324 grams 54 %
    Cuban Turquino 216 grams 36 %
    ROBUSTA - Indian Monsoon 60 grams 10 %

    Here's the roast profile I got, which may not be optimised;
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    Sounds interesting Amanda.

    I notice you are using the monsoon robusta in this one. I'm using that in one of my cafe custom blends and it works a treat. It's soft for a robusta but certainly punches through their blend and gives the "mule kick" they were looking for without adding typical robusta flavours. I was drinking their blend through the cold drip today at work and unless you were told you wouldnt know it had 15% robusta in it... except for the heart pulpitations and the sudden double speed speech

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    Another variation.

    Green Turquino house blend.

    Bolivian Green Mountain Estate - 180g
    India Monsoon Malabar Gold - 60g
    Cuban Turquino - 180g
    Sulawesi Blue Peaberry - 120g
    ROBUSTA - Indian Monsoon - 60g

    Now drinking 11 days post roast. Magnificent.


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