Hi all
I've been playing around with base (peru etc) + mocha/java variations, but found them all a bit mild for my tastes, so thought I'd reverse the weighting and add some more base style beans in smaller amounts after the Mocha Java.
Currently cupping the following blend which I roasted before Christmas to await our return, so rested about 3 weeks now. I have never found 'fruity' beans cut through our soy that well - but this one has some kick! Fairly lively as a doppio, but in milk is amazing. Very different to the more chocolately blends I've done.

125g Eth Harrar (mmmmm berries!)
100g Sulawesi Blue
75g Ind Elephant Hills
50g Mex El Tru.

350g all up in a closed corretto. Pre-roast blend, ramping 14mins to first crack, 18mins to drop just on second crack @ 225deg.

This one'll go straight to the pool room!