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Thread: Beanbay KJM Blend

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    Beanbay KJM Blend

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    Everyone that has looked in the blending room has seen the KJM blend. It is always evolving but try's to keep the same characteristics I think. I have to say I am from the lazy crowd who doesn't take notes and who doesn't try different blends etc each time I roast. All I do is select three beans as I do three roasts at a time. I make sure that I have a body bean, a bean to give the coffee a bit of an edge and just something to throw in for the heck of it. I make sure I get close to second crack or just hit it and that's about as interesting as it gets for me. I think thats the good thing about KJM blend. It is simple. The problem is trying to find the right mix of beans when you go to the cupboard to pull them out.

    Given that KJM roasts as a blend would it be reasonable to request that the Beanbay carry a KJM blend made up of the best available beans at any given time? I know I would buy it instead of trying to find the right beans for a blend.

    I hope people will voice their opinions and perhaps people will agree.


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    Errr - I think Andy might not like that so much! I have visions of scales and cement mixers doing 60kg bags....

    For what it is worth, the ratios of south american:african:indo yield a fairly consistent result irrespective of the actual beans chosen. There are differences, but not as big as you might imagine. The latest batch I did had a Kenyan instead of the Ethiopian beans I normally use. Interesting result - somewhat "harsher" on the palate early on, but has smoothed out after an additional few days.

    So if you really want to give it a whirl, you can go with what you've got...


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