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Thread: Simple 3 bean blend for FWs and espresso

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    Simple 3 bean blend for FWs and espresso

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    Hi All,

    Have been playing with 4 bean blends for a while but find it is very time consuming to get the ratios right, so I simplified things a bit and dropped back to 3 beans. My aim is to find something that works well for both small FWs and straight espresso. I really like my latest attempt, which is dead simple:

    50 % Brazil Pulped Natural
    25 % Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo
    25 % Ethiopia Gambela Sundried

    Roasted in a modded popper and pulled just before second crack, profile as shown (temps measured in bean mass). First crack at 7.5 mins, 200 degC.

    Lively as an espresso (a little bit spicy for me) at about 7 days post-roast. Smooth, good body, with just enough complexity to make it interesting (for me anyway) around 14 days.

    Nothing fancy, but seems to work well for both drinks.

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    Thank you, I will give it a try this afternoon

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    No worries - be interested to hear what you think.

    I'm also interested in any comments on the profile, especially from others who use modified poppers (ie, where you can control the heat and fan independently to get pretty much any profile you want).


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    I sidestep all this fluffing around with optimising ratios, and just go with straight "parts".
    A mocha/java is 3:2, or 60% : 40%.
    Add some robusta and go 3:2:1 (50% : 33% :16%). monsooned robusta works well at this percentage.
    Or a base plus mocha java robusta is 4:3:2:1 (40% : 30% : 20% : 10%).
    If you split the 4 parts base into south american / central american you've just about got KJM's house blend.
    If you split the 4 parts base into 3 parts base, 1 part monsooned malabar, you've got my bull elephant blend.

    Considering the variation from machine, user, age of beans, etc, I find that trying to tweak a blend by a few percentage points here and there is an exercise in futility.
    And trying to compare the taste of this batch, here & now, with what I did last week, is completely impossible.


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