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Thread: Help me make a blend from beans I have on hand.

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    Help me make a blend from beans I have on hand.

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    I have 6 different types of beans in my cellar and was hoping other members could be formulate a few blends from these beans. I'm roasting in a Behmor and the beans will be used for Espresso (both milk and black) and pour over.

    In the cellar:
    - Peru Ceja de Selva Estate (not a lot of this left)
    - Guatemala Huehuetenango
    - Yemen Sanani
    - Mexico el Triunfo
    - Tanzania Kyaurinde
    - Sumatra Lake Toba Aged Peaberry

    A input would greatly appreciated!


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    In terms of the pour over bean(s), I find it difficult to improve the Huehuetenango by adding other beans to it (and trust me...I've tried...but keep coming back to it roasted to CS8 or so). For your espresso, you could apply the KJM blend to the Peru (80g), Tanzania (60g), Sumatra (60g) and either the Huehue or Mex (50g)....but I'm guessing you might have tried that.

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    Espresso/milk--Peru Sumatran Yemen
    Filter brew-- Tanzanian light roast

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