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Thread: Espresso newbie blend help

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    Espresso newbie blend help

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    Hi all,

    I've been roasting on and off for a few years now and can consistently roast nice blends for milky based coffees (what I generally drink) though still feel like a beginner in regards to blending etc. Recently I have taken an interest in trying to perfect the espresso and not really sure on where to start and with what bean blends I should be using. I'm thinking I want something that will give me good sweetness as I'm a newbie on the espresso drinking scene.

    These are the beans I have at hand and would love some suggestions on some blends and roast profiles that I can use to try and perfect.

    China mt gaoligong
    Sumatran mandheling jade
    columbian volcan galeras supremo
    tanzania machare estate
    ehtiopiia limmu
    india elephant hills AA grade
    ethiopia biftu gesha sundried
    brazil yellow bourbon estate
    png waghi AA
    mexico el triunfo arabigo

    Roasting in a Behmor 1600, combined with a super jolly grinder and bezzera BZ35 machine.
    Looking forward to all your suggestions and thanks in advance for any advice you may have.


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    Hi Daniel,
    I've been using the Indian as a base (40 - 50%) and adding the brazilian and Ethiopian biftu (also some Bolivian and El Salvador) roasted not too dark (before second crack). To me it is a very nice espresso blend - I don't like milk, but others who have tried it in milk also like it. I've used the Brazilian as a base too and that's o.k. but the Indian is smoother and maybe sweeter. I haven't tried any of the other beans listed,

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    Thanks Danno, that's great I'll be sure to do a roast this week and will try out your blend.

    Anyone else with suggestions please post and share :-) Thanks

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    try colombian with ethopia

    and colombian with sumatra.. also if you get gatamela it can be added with this blend

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    I love a good 60 / 40 brazil and yurg. This is a great way to start. then maybe a brazil / columbian as a base and 30% central with 10% indonesian or png for the body.

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    The KJM blend is a great and proven pre-blend method, it works well with a range of bean substitutions and produces great espresso and milk coffees!!
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