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Thread: Etheopian Yirg spec prep

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    Etheopian Yirg spec prep

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Is this green bean suposed to be really really small? I just bought a 2.5kg bag and the sizes are not very similar at all. Some beans are so small they look like large grains of rice. Some are about size 8-10. In contrast the India monsoon 2kg bag I bought
    are all large AA size with nearly perfect consistency in size.

    What am I missing?

    Kindest regards.

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    It's supposed to be small in so far as that's the way it comes... different beans from different regions will be differently sized. Some of the Ethiopian beans in particular will be quite small. The India monsoon is especially large because of the way they are processed.
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    Yirg is one the best beans around IMHO. Just roast and enjoy - huge citrus, floral, dry spiced goodness!

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    Also a great staple for adding to blends in the 15-20% range. Adding 15% Yirgacheffe plus 15% Yemen to just about any high quality base bean such as a Peru or a Costa Rica makes them a beautiful blend with great body and mouth feel.

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    It's my staple.... I actually use it as my base @ around 35-40%. Another bonus is that it's generally always available on beanbay, so I can rely on it for my blends. In saying that, it's just magic on it's own too. Probably one of the only beans I quite happily don't take to second crack if it's for espresso or my aeropress. When it's for milk based, just on second crack is delicious. For the record, I've never had an issue losing more than a couple of beans through the drum on my Behmor. Love the yirgy.
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