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Thread: Indian Monsoon and Columbian Especial

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    Indian Monsoon and Columbian Especial

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hmmmm ..... a 60/40 split Columbian/Indian Monsoon.

    Result (for me) a really good, full bodied, creamy coffee, barely acidic but with a tang. Drinkable all day long .... no aftertaste ......

    Another 50/50 Sulawesi Blue/Ethiopian Ghambella .... dare I say it similar but different. Ditto roast profile .....

    Enjoy ..... Interested to hear what you all might think ...

    Both combos roasted separately 1.30 past first crack, high heat early, tapered 1 minutes before anticipated first crack.

    Roaster: Café Gene

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    Some nice choices in Beans.
    I love the Ethiopian Ghambella Sundried. Nice Bean but I have not tried the Sulawesi Blue. Next on the list.

    Columbian and Indian Monsoon go well together with a darker roast. My liking anyway.

    Roaster : Popcorn.
    Bezzera Guilia

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    Hi Mike,

    Yes indeed .... the Sulawesi is a good one. The Columbian E Special is my favourite right now. I recently tried The Ghimbi with Columbian 40/60 and it works as well.

    I guess it is all about your palate ...... everyone's is different but that is a good thing.

    So many choices ...... sigh .....


    Roaster: Gene Café/ Behmor 1600+
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