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Thread: PNG Wahgi AA

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    PNG Wahgi AA

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Roasted half a kilo last Saturday and did a taste test this morning in a flat white. I generally roast into 2nd crack to around 232.

    I do like the taste, but I feel in the mouth that it is somewhat light, not watery. To my taste it needs something added to give it a fuller mouth feel or thicker or velvety feel in the mouth.

    I also roasted some Kenya AAA and although a different taste it still feels light on the mouth.

    Could anyone suggest what could be added to this bean to achieve that or a roast profile as a single origin.

    Your help is much appreciated


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    go dowh with the temperature, something like 220 and only short into the 2nd crack
    or use some african robusta beans to it

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    Thanks, Rolf, will give it go. I am using a Coffee Crafters air roaster and get to second crack around 227 to 230 measuring the Coffesnobs temperature probe and software

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    I like the PNG W AA but with a Colombian Volcan Galeras Especial.
    Equal parts in the mix but I roast separately then combine.

    I don't like either on a lite roast but bring them up just before the second crack and and the pour is just perfect. Nice and thick and frothy.
    Good Luck
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