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Thread: Leftover greens - surprise gold!

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    Leftover greens - surprise gold!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Had the last bits of 3 different green bean lots, and CBF roasting separately so just chucked them all in the roaster to see what would happen - pleasantly surprised by the results with a great coffee for latte and aeropress!

    180gm Colombian Volcan Galeras Especial
    180gm Peru Ceja de Selva AAA
    120gm Aceh Danau Laut Tawar

    Roasting on a Behmor - P2, B, 1lb, stopped at 18m (2 mins short)

    Wasn't a massive fan of the Aceh, but the other two were good as single origin, but this blend is really nice - very smooth, full bodied, loving it! Goes to show it's always worth trying things out, you never know what you might uncover
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    It's amazing how "leftover bends" come out at times.

    I have had some great coffees using bag dregs.

    I'll be roasting some bag dregs in a few weeks myself!

    It's a bit of a lottery, but a fun tasty one.
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    I'm in the process of taking 2 single origins (Costa Rican & Sulawesi) and trying different ratios. First roast 50/50 just settling for a few days.
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    I love hearing about the serendipitous roasts! My friend and I used to split on our orders, and would pool the random leftovers into the "Month End Blend".

    Some of it was so popular we sold it at work!
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    Call mine the ”Baggin’s Blend” (all the different beans from Bag End )
    Biggest problems with these winning blends is the inabilty to ever reproduce them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DesigningByCoffee View Post
    Call mine the ”Baggin’s Blend” (all the different beans from Bag End )
    Anyone here ever thought that that may be the underlying basis of the so called award winning roast exclusively supplied via a certain Australian Grocery Chain, who use it as a loss leader?
    And yes these words have been in my mind for some years

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