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Thread: Anything South American with Indian Monsoon

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    Anything South American with Indian Monsoon

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    Interestingly I have been on a bit of a blend mission and found out the following .... any South American, Nicaragua, Columbia, Peru ..... blended 50/50 or 60/40 with Indian Monsoon yields a really nicely balanced coffee.

    Probably old news but as a starter it works ...... and now for the mission on African coffees ....... sigh .... a burden having to drink so many coffees ..... results next post ..

    Enjoy .
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    This type of blend has become my go to blend, though I go more 60% Indian and often 20% Columbian and 20% Peru - all blending is done post roast. Great combos regardless, have fun with the African’s

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    Ok ….. Ethiopian Biftu/Aceh 60/40 ….. for me produces a really full nut balanced coffee …. on a different try ….. Gambella/Sulawesi Blue 70/30 works rather nicely as well.

    As a rule (loose terminology) I start with 50/50 and then work backwards depending on what taste profile I like. Cocoa = more African, Chocolate = South/Central American, Indo = awesomeness etc.

    Yeah I know generalisation but that is what works for me. It might not work for you but hey …. it is fun trying.

    Maybe it is just my palate or something else but after trying different blends and then going back to single origins …. refreshes the sense of taste when roasting singles again.

    More blends in the process … have a crack and see what you think … would love to get others thoughts ….. enjoy

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