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Thread: South American blends

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    South American blends

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    My first ever blend I did was 50% Brazil Monte Carmelo, 40% Peru Segunda and 10% Indian Bababudangiris Robusta. All the beans were roasted SO in the weekend and blended post roast. Had it as a latte yesterday (4 days after roasting) and it tasted a bit flat (when compared to a latte made with Veneziano Estate).

    Second blend tried today had 50% Brazil Monte Carmelo, 40% Colombian Volcan Galeras, 10% Indian B Robusta. Had it as a latte agian today and tasted a bit flat too... By flat I mean not as flavoursome as the Estate.

    Maybe I shouldnt be blending Sth American with Sth American? Perhaps, Sth american with african or Sumatran Mandehling??

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    Re: South American blends

    Gday NTE,

    As a rule of thumb, you only blend different varieties of beans to either compliment the attributes of the beans you are blending or reinforce attributes in base varieties that may be lacking something in their overall profile.

    The only way to really know where you are going with a blend is to have a good understanding of the flavour profiles of the various beans as a Single Origin brew before you start and then go from there. Jason from Pioneer Roasters has put together a very useful and helpful guide on the basics of blending at the top of the "Blending Room" category page and it is definitely worth reading.

    Get to know your beans as SOs first and then experiment with blending, itll pay off big time,


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