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Thread: American Breakfast Blend

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    American Breakfast Blend

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have seem to accumalate a fair amount of American (South and Central) beans so I thought I would create a 5 bean blend from these regions.

    All Roasted seperately and all roasted to just the first signs of SC or just after except for the Honduras which I buggered up and roasted to a light to medium CS scale of about 6 or 7

    The beans used for this blend consist of:

    • Peru Grace Estate Grade 1

    • Dominican Republic Barahona AAA

    • Honduras Extra Bold

    • Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB

    • Brazil Yellow Bourbon

    Will report back with a tasting run down. (Well Ill try to anyway)

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    Re: American Breakfast Blend

    I have tested this as an Espresso / Ristretto (20 ml in double basket) and a Flat white (Full Cream).

    Low on Acidity, smooth with loads of crema, Mild / Medium Body, Flavour has a good eveness through it making it an easy to drink Breakfast blend (IMHO). No huge intenseness to this and no long lasting flavours but a nice all round drink. (Probably better for Milk based drinks)

    Flat White
    As this was already smooth, it gives a really creaminess to the FW. Its a nice all round blend but could do with swapping one of the beans with something with a little length in the pallette. Any sugestions?

    All beans were 20% each

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    Re: American Breakfast Blend

    Gday Goodies,

    If they were my beans mate, Id probably opt to use either the Brazilian or the Peruvian as the main Base Bean, say 40-45% with 25-35% of the Dominican and the balance taken up with the Huehue SHB. Dont know much about the Honduras bean unfortunately but from both Andys cupping notes and Tom of Sweet Marias for a neighbouring region, Id say that this bean would make a good Base Bean as well or maybe one to fill out the middle palate in a blend thats lacking in this regard. So, based on this, I wouldnt use them as an additional blending bean to use with the rest on this list but treat them the same as the Peruvian/Brazilian beans as described above.

    This is only based upon my own personal experience and palate of course Goodies, and your preferences may be completely different to mine, so maybe you could do some small batches of all the beans listed and try some post-roast blends in varying ratios until you get something that stands out. All in all though, Im not surprised at your observations that your current blend of these beans is a very mild, well balanced and pleasant brew. All the best mate and I hope Ive been a little helpful :),


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    Re: American Breakfast Blend


    Mal is spot on. What Im curious about is 20ml from a double basket?? You wont be getting an acurate discription pulling a really tight shot like that I would think.

    Moving forward, I think anything chocolately in a latte makes a great Breaky blend ;-) Youre on the right track... perhaps drop in some Harar @ 25% , roasted to just before 2nd crack. to give it some high end ;-) This may give it the extra you seems to be after. Most Centrals/\/South Americans are mid bodied and Acidity @ Medium, which can struggle to fight through Milk, especially Full Cream.

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