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Thread: Daterra PB // Harrar // Panama Boquete // Limu

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    Daterra PB // Harrar // Panama Boquete // Limu

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    Hi all,

    We cupped four beans on Saturday:
    - Brazil Daterra Peaberry - FC @ 13:00, pulled @ SC @ 16:45 - 4 days post roast
    - Ethiopia Limu (Mt Gabbana Forest Estate) - FC @ 13:30, pulled before SC @ 16:30 - 4 days post roast
    - Ethiopia Harrar (Blue Horse) - FC @ 9:45, pulled before SC @ 14:40 - 3 days post roast
    - Panama Boquete SHB - FC @ 10:15, SC @ 14:30, pulled before RSC @ 15:00 - 3 days post roast

    After the three of us had finished cupping, we compared notes - mostly agreeing on descriptors, which is nice. We then decided to each come up with a secret blend, which we would then cup together (blindly) to decide on the best one. We also tried to guess what each blend had in it.

    The blends we came up with were:
    - 50% Panama Boquete, 20% Limu, 20% Daterra, 10% Harrar
    - 40% Daterra, 40% Panama Boquete, 20% Harrar (that was mine ;))
    - 50% Daterra, 30% Panama, 20% Limu, 5% Harrar (105%, I know; the ~5% was added after original formulation... you work it out!)
    [NB: Im aware of the clever statistical mathematics some people have done that essentially say that a component <10% only has a 50:50 chance of actually making it into any given cup, but these blends were measured in small volumes and ground entirely and mixed, meaning that the lowish % components will be in exactly those concentrations...]

    I can tell you as a novice cupper, it was very difficult to pick them! I was certain that cup #1 wasnt mine - but kept saying "wow, whoever made #1 did a good job!" - only to discover that it was mine! Hooray. The Harrars blueberry flavour was far more evident in the first blend than the second, for some reason... Maybe the fact that the more acidy Boquete bolstered the blueberry notes...? I think we decided that the third of the blends would be great as a black coffee blend.

    I think we concluded that the second blend was the most enjoyable, but because we enjoyed elements of the other two blends as well, we came up with a fourth blend to improve on all of the above.

    So, the final blend was:
    50% Daterra PB // 25% Panama Boquete // 15% Harrar // 10% Limu

    Its a great blend, and I can definitely recommend it. The Peaberry is a very rich and well rounded base, but by itself (with this roast profile) can be cloyingly rich and sweet and full. The acidy Boquete adds a really nice clean finish and some woody/nutty sweetness, and the two Ethiopians add a spicy/buttery/fruity background flavour which lingers. Especially the Harrar; it adds this shortbready-buttery-butterscotchy flavour and long aftertaste which makes the blend really addictive!

    Oh, and Ive run out of that batch of the Daterra PB, as well as the Limu, so another blend Ive been trying is:
    50% Daterra Sweet Collection // 25% Panama Boquete // 25% Harrar

    This one is just as good, although the sweet collection might need to be taken deeper (maybe into RSC) to give it the same rich, fullness of the PB.

    Hope those notes are helpful for someone.

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    Re: Daterra PB // Harrar // Panama Boquete // Limu

    Thanks for the detailed descriptions! I have been playing with blending and I have just bought a big-ish batch of Brazil Daterra PB and looking to blend. Will certainly be trying out your blends as I have most of the beans you used, except for the panama... can you recommend something like it to replace with?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Daterra PB // Harrar // Panama Boquete // Limu

    Gday Ben and/or Faith (or is that a metaphorical faith...? Anyway...)

    The Panama Boquete SHB is a fantastic bean. Ive posted my cupping notes on this thread: for you (and others) to look at, but essentially its a typical Central American bean in that it has a good balance of sweetness and acidity - we noted some nice complex woody/spicy flavours most predominantly too. It is described as blending well with a good Ethiopian Yirg or Limu.

    Not exactly sure what you could replace it with if the above clues dont help, but Id aim at anything Central or South American that has a gentle profile with more acidity than, for instance, the Daterra PB or most Brazils, for that matter. Of course, these are all my fairly novice opinions and better roasters than I will probably tell you (rightly) to follow your nose/palate and see what you come up with.

    All I can say is that I highly recommend the method we used to come up with a blend.


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    Re: Daterra PB // Harrar // Panama Boquete // Limu

    Awesome awesome post mate! really helpful information.

    I understand that with home roasting, there are so many variables with roasting / brewing methods but still information like this provides an excellent ball park.

    Keep em coming I say :)

    Thanks! [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif]

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    Re: Daterra PB // Harrar // Panama Boquete // Limu

    Thanks Big Steve, glad you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed the cupping/blending!


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