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Thread: Sula-bella-magular: The beautiful Chickmagnet

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    Sula-bella-magular: The beautiful Chickmagnet

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    A semi-regular pre roast blend for me is the 50:50 combination of
    Sulawesi Lemo Toraja and Ethiopian Gambella Naturals.
    This is essentially a variation of the classic Mocha/Java mix, but probably not quite as impressive......but nice nonetheless!

    Recently Ive been playing around with Indian Chikmagular ["Indian Chickmagnet" as nick-named by Gavin] and Ive began to understand its worth as a base blend.
    To me it has a similar strong flavour to a Brazil, but is a bit more rounded and with something extra [aniseed or liquorice perhaps] in the mix.

    On a whim I thought I throw some into the SLT- EGM mix, at the same time I though Id push the "Batch Size" envelope on my Corretto.

    So in went the following [800g is a big roast for a small bowled BM]:

    300g SLT
    300g EGM
    200g IC

    I did 5min at 100C to get the beans nicely acquainted and then restarted the timer.
    Then I turned up the HG and let it rip.

    FC kicked in at 14min and for the next few minutes I got to a RFC which blurred into what I think was SC, by 20:30 something seemed to have hit RSC and at 21min mark I pulled the roast with plenty of smoke.
    [Im guessing the IC had gone well into RSC].

    Overall, the profile/timing seemed pretty much right and it was a surprisingly even roast [given the bean types, the pre-roast blend and the batch size]: CS9-CS10 with a very small ammount of beans around the CS11.

    OK so it wasnt a particularily scientific roast since I couldnt really distinguish what was going on, and it seemed each bean variant was going through FC & SC at different times but at 8 days post roast its drinking magnificantly.

    Its a rich and very strong espresso, but well rounded and smooth without any bite.
    Im getting subtle hints of fruity dark chocolate on the front palate and liquorice & leather tones mid & back palate [of which the SLT and IC would contribute].
    Great body and mouthfeel as you would expect.

    Its a beauty in milk too.

    The best thing is I have plenty of it.

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    Re: Sula-bella-magular: The beautiful Chickmagnet

    I keep going to write something here Reubster, but then I go, nah, I cant write that!

    Suffice to say your approach to the above is very different to the care and attention clearly lavished on the Harrarabarrerra!

    So Im not so sure its going to be a long term relationship - Chickmagnet indeed!

    Yep, thats OK for a family website. I might post it.

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    Re: Sula-bella-magular: The beautiful Chickmagnet

    Quote Originally Posted by slowdown link=1217302533/0#1 date=1217418800
    So Im not so sure its going to be a long term relationship - .
    Well I think it might,

    Its getting better and better as time progresses and has become one of those coffees that is so good Im tempted to bring my toothbrush to the office just so I can travel to work with the lingering aftertaste.

    Next time, Ill stick with same ratio but probably roast the Chikmagular seperately [the Sulawesi & Gambella roast quite well together].
    So well see if I can repeat it in a more careful & attentitive manner, something worthy of an LTR.

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