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Thread: New Roasting Suggest a Blend

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    New Roasting Suggest a Blend

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have just received a start pack containing:

    1.Zimbabwe Pezuru Estate AA
    2.Ethiopian Gambella Naturals
    3.Ugandan Bugisu AA
    4.Brazil Santos

    I have roasted all four beans independently. Please suggest a blend for milk based coffee.

    Much appreciated.

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    Re: New Roasting Suggest a Blend

    Hi Bill

    Play around with these if you will, but first, try them as single origins.

    The Gambella in particular is a favourite here at home, and taken into second crack, has plenty of body that cuts through milk. So too does the Ugandan.

    Im not familiar with the Pezuru so dont have a suggestion other than again, to try it solo.

    If you will accept the following as a generalisation, Sth American coffees tend to be much milder than Africans, and I would suggest the Santos is no different. So if you prefer more body, and find yourself hell-bent on creating a blend, then you might begin your blending journey by using the Santos in a 50/50 blend with one of the Africans.


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    Re: New Roasting Suggest a Blend

    Hi billparr,

    I posted a thread on what we did in order to decide on what to blend one week:

    We basically roasted a batch of all four coffees, cupped them separately and wrote down our impressions of each of them, then thought about which flavours would do well with which others. Each of us (3 participants) then made a blend and we all cupped them. Then we came up with a final blend based on a combination of the best two. It was great! ... but weve never made then blend again because weve never had all four of those beans available (roasted) since!

    Blending is fun, but weve gone back to mostly drinking single origins for now so that we can really get to know the beans. We sell small amounts of roasted beans to friends too and generally create blends intuitively for them based on the knowledge were picking up...


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    Re: New Roasting Suggest a Blend

    I am by no means a blending expert, but my two cents worth:-

    50 % Brazil Santos
    30 % Ethiopian Gambella Naturals
    20 % Zimbabwe Pezuru Estate AA

    Might work well, ive tried things along those lines, drop the percentage of the brazillian if its too flat and boring.


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