I was randomly blending Mocha Java decaf with my other beans to reduce my caffeine consumption when i stumbled upon this blend:

(percentages are estimates. I used a 7g measure to scoop beans into a spare basket before dumping em into the grinder)

1) 30% Mocha Java decaf
2) 30% Indian Tiger Mountain
3) 30% Panama Boquete Bajo Volcancito
4) 10% Ethopian Harrar Longberry

Nothing special after grinding. A bit of floral notes from the harrars, but the smell of the coffee is nothing spectacular. Until you pull the shot - an extra short ~20ml ristretto from a standard double (14g). You could probably get away with pulling ~30ml if the Harrars were substituted with a less acidic bean and the Boquetes were reduced to 20%.

Put the extra short ristretto into a small ~130ml glass and top with microfoam. Do not expand milk more than 40% to prevent the foam from being too loose. It should look like youre pouring glossy yoghurt if you got it right. I mix about two teaspoons of sugar into 300ml of milk before foaming.

The end result is very chocolatey for some reason. My friends thought i put some cocoa in it!


1) make sure that the portafilter/grouphead is up to temperature before pulling the shot or else it 0 __will be sour__ and the chocolateyness will not be that pronounced.

2)during the shot, tiger striping is good but blonde streaks must be kept to a minimum at all costs. Tamp extra level with lots of care.

3) I am pretty much a newbie roaster, using a popper and my roasts (with an airflow and fan mod) only last 6-8 minutes in spring. The beans used were all 6 days post roast with the exception of the harrar that was about two weeks post roast. The roast level was definitely darker than a city roast, but not nearly as dark as a french roast.