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Thread: newbie needs some advice

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    newbie needs some advice

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi everyone,

    I have been lurking here for a week now, and I must say there is a wealth of information and lots of helpful people here.

    Here is a bit about myself, my name is Leslie, and I hate instant coffee! so much so that I havent touched any coffees for the first 30 odd years of my life (I thought they were all the same :)), and in the last few years I have decided to give coffees from cafes a try, and now I am hooked :)

    I used to drink at least two a day, but after being made redudant at work just before Xmas, now I am having withdrawal symptoms when I am sitting around at home all day long :), so I am looking to get a espresso machine.

    After reading up on all the posts on this forum, I have narrowed down my choices a bit, if anyone can share their experience/opinions on them, it will be much appericated :)

    Grinder: Sunbeam EM450 or 480
    Machine: Breville Cafe Roma w/ unpressurised basket, or Breville Ikon, if I can find one cheap enough.

    I have also find a Gaggia G 107 on a website that sells coffee equipments (am I allowed to post links? as that place is not a site sponsor), it is mainly made out of plastic, but for $179 it supposedly has a boiler in it, does anyone have any experience with that unit?

    The Ikon seems to be hard to come by at where I live (Newcastle, NSW), I have already went to Target, K-Mart, Big-W, Good Guys, David Jones, tommorrow I will try Harvey Norman and Bing Lee.

    Does anyone think a Cafe Roma + a 450/480 would be a good start? (my budget is around $300-$350ish, as I am currently unemployed :()

    As far as the coffees is concern, I mainly drink cappacinos, I am not a coffee connesiurs by any stretch of imagination, but can at least tell the difference between the tasteless milkshakes you get from Maccas and foodcourts, as oppose to something you get from a proper cafe.

    Beans wise, one ex work colleague can hook me up with fresh roasted beans, so that shouldnt be a problem.

    any suggestions would be much appericated :)


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    Re: newbie needs some advice

    Hi Leslie, the EM450 is a good little grinder, I still use mine and it has given me good service.
    The Breville Ikon seems popular with users converting to unpressurised baskets. A combination of those two machines and a bit of practice and you should be making decent capos in no time. Fresh beans of course, this is essential.
    I think they use Krups baskets in the Breville to convert them.................................
    cheers gm

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    Re: newbie needs some advice

    thanks Greenman :)

    anyway, bit of an update, I ended up buying the Cafe Roma + EM480 today, as Myers had both of them on special ($149 for the Roma and $179 for the EM480), the Roma is in red too, I guess that suckered me in :) I did managed to find a few Ikon but the cheapest was $349 so I passed that up.

    Got a packet of Vittoria beans from Coles and I have started practising as soon as I got home (I figured I shouldnt waste good beans while I am playing around with it).

    Made bit of a mess on the bench, grounded coffee, water, and milk all over the place, the missus wasnt impressed :)

    Anyway, for those who are interested, the Breville 800ES was on special at Target for $279, Domayne had the Saeco VV for $399. DJ had 10%-20% off coffee machines depending on brand, and Myers has 10% all machines and grinders.

    Now I just gotta track down an unpressurized basket.

    again, thanks for the help and the info :)

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