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Thread: Puck Fracturing on Ikon

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    Puck Fracturing on Ikon

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    I am struggling to get any semblence of a good pour from my Ikon at the shop.

    The pour is thin and watery and drips through the PF rather than runs and the crema dissapates within a few seconds (and is thin at best). It drips no matter how coarse the grind, how much (or little) coffee is put in etc

    I have the Krups double filter (non pressurised).

    The beans are freshy roasted.

    The beans are ground in the morning, sealed in airtight container and used same day. I know, not ideal, but its the best I can do. My old machine (Melitta Cappucino) would produce Crema that would stay under the same conditions (beans ground in the morning) so it can be done.

    I leave the PF in the machine until the steaming is done (so I dont get an explosion), but when I remove the PF, the puck is fractured, usually in a + on the top of the puck.

    The Ikon I have has a curved shower head, not flat, the coffee in the filter (after the shot) is curved like it.

    I have seen pictures of the Ikon (from 22a IIRC) with a good crema shot.

    What are some peoples dosing techniques with the Ikon, how much below the rim of the PF once tamped?

    Fractured puck, is that from too much coffee?

    The PF has a black plate in the bottom, similar to "the graeme" from a 6910, but doesnt look like it can be removed (there is the eject button which would create a 3rd opening at the bottom of the PF) I dont think this is crema enhancing, or flow restricting, am I wrong?



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    Re: Puck Fracturing on Ikon


    seems as if the problem was two-fold (as I had sort of suspected), grind and dosage level.

    For dose level, I fill the pf, tap a few times, refill then level off, tamp. The entire steel from the SB tamper is under the level of the PF, so its quite low in the basket. PF locks in just past 6 oclock.

    Grind is quite coarse, runs just on 20 secs on the 6910 at home but gives quite a good 25 (ish) sec pour on the Ikon at the shop and gives good crema and colour.

    Have found the ikon also seems to like being surfed. Run some water through the group and stop, re-do it again to get the boiler filled, wait till its stopped heating then run the shot. Dont have the patience to try various time from the finish of the boiler cycle, but it would be about 15 - 20 secs by the time I get things sorted out to run the shot.

    Its certainly not a set and forget machine with a very different approach required than the 6910 at home.

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