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Thread: Breville Cafe Venezia

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    Breville Cafe Venezia

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ive just got this machine for my office at work and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? It cost ~$260 from Myer and seems to be a nice sturdy machine. My only other espresso machine expreience has been a couple of goes with my boyfriends BarVista (which hasnt been used in a year >:() and an Aldi machine that broke after its second use.
    The coffee coming out of the Cafe Venezia is much more flavourful than what I got from the Aldi machine even though Im using preground Lavazia that was ordered through Officeworks (hey, at least that way the boss pays for it). Im really struggling with getting anymore than a tiny amount of froth when steaming the milk though. I guess that will improve with practice, but Im sure I was getting more with the bfs BarVista.
    When I get my voucher for the points accrued on my Myer card Ill go back and get myself a grinder and start trying to make some better coffees, until then though I guess Ill be going through a lot of milk to try to get my froth happening.

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    Re: Breville Cafe Venezia

    If theres one thing Ive noticed with different coffee machines its that the frothing can be completely different from one to the next. Sorry - no experience with your machine, but stick with it :) Sooner or later it will click and youll get the best out of that particular machine.

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    Re: Breville Cafe Venezia

    Frothing on the lower end machines is definitely hard work.

    We had (well, still have) a Sunbeam EM4800 Cafe Crema and recently bought the SB EM6910.

    The difference between the two is major. The 4800 is much harder work as it feels a lot less powerful.

    The other thing is the milk, and you will find plenty of posts around here on that. We pretty much stick to A2 milk full time now.


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