Well, after about 4 years of use my evolution started leaking. Just a little bit at first, the more and more. Clear water out of the group head during a brew. I decided it was time to upgrade, so Im now the *very* happy owner of a new Silvia and Rocky - more on that leter.

Anyway - I wanted to save my evo and donate it to my work, so I called Pedro (coffeeparts) who told me which part I needed (group head gasket). Pretty simple swap in the end. Just took off the group head, pried the old gasket out and put the new one in. Good as new. But then I thought, well, Ive got the thing apart now, I should take some photos. So I took the whole boiler out and unbolted it from the group head to see what 4 years did to an aluminium boiler.

Anyway - here are the pics!

Pic 1 - After prying the lid off the evo (most difficult part of the whole thing), heres what you see. You wouldnt think it was 4 years old would you?

Pic 2 - Removed the boiler and group head, and unbolted both

Pic 3 - Close up of the group head (Marine brass shows almost NO signs of wear after 4 years).

Pic 4 - Close up of the internal of the boiler. Yikes! Yes thats what YOUR 4 year old aluminium boiler looks like. And this one saw nothing but filtered water.

So there you have it. Its polished and cleaned inside and out now, and with the exception of a *little* corrision its as good as new.

And this is why aluminium boilers are frowned upon (another reason I went with Miss Silvia)