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Thread: Breville BES820

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    Breville BES820

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Does anyone have any experience with this model? Are they any good? are they any better than the 800ES or the Ikon?

    Any help would be aprreciated

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    Re: Breville BES820

    GDay mejico

    I used to have an 800, but exchanged it for the cheaper Breville Ikon.

    The reason being, at the time there were many more recommendations to go with a machine with a boiler as opposed to a thermoblock!

    This was a year and a half ago now, so opinions may have changed.

    I havent looked back since getting the Ikon!

    What ever you get, buy yourself an un-pressurised filter (Krups or Breville) so you learn the art of grinding & tamping correctly

    Enjoy the journey *8-)


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    Re: Breville BES820


    Thanks for the help. :)

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    Re: Breville BES820

    as far as i know, the bes820 has the same basic internals as the 800es. the price premium is for its gimmick features, like the separate hot water wand and pressre gauge.

    if i was considering this machine i would save the extra money and jut get the 800es, or get the sunbeam dual thermal block one which seem to be one of the highly regarded thermal block machines.

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