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Thread: I need a new espresso machine

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    I need a new espresso machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi,this is my first post so here goes nothing, I bought my first machine in 2005,a Sunbeam Em 5700 15 months later it went into nuclear meltdown, (Overheated with a slight burning smell and could touch the surface of the machine. it was red Hot!) Sunbeam were very good and gave me a new one, 8 months after it to went into nuclear meltdown Sunbeam gave me another one, an updated version an Em5800. Well guess what? Yes you guessed it N------- M------ again, Last week Ahh this one lasted 16 months needless to say i wont be looking for another Sunbeam product to soon.
    So i have been looking at Saecos Via Venezia or a Rancilio Silvia, should i be looking at any other machines as well ?Would appreciate any advice .
    Cheers twincamcuppa

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    Re: I need a new espresso machine

    Welcome to CS twincam, the VV and Silvia are poles apart in quality and price. If you get a Silvia or similar single boiler machine you will need a decent grinder to go with it. Work out how much you can afford and post your budget and what usage your machine will get and Im sure CSers will steer you in the right direction.

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    Re: I need a new espresso machine

    Thanks greenman ive got a breville ceramic burr grinder ive been using 4 years and ive been getting very good results so far by regrinding the the grind.Yes i know shock horror, but combined with my old Em5800 (now deceased) i was getting really good results,certainly better than my local cafes believe it or not,it just took a lot of work but i now must move on i feel to the next level of coffee nirvana and get a new grinder as well, but other than the Sunbeam 0480 which seems to give good bang for bucks it looks like i have to spend $400 or so,which is a bit at the moment.
    Cheers John

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