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Thread: Cheap second machine for my office

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    Cheap second machine for my office

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I currently have an Electra CD Semi automatica and mini mazza setup for home.

    However @ work Im spending something in the vacinity of $10 - $15 dollars a day (not to mention driving) to Velvet or Epic in Perth to get my daily fix.

    Am wondering if I bought a cheapie coffee machine that I could set up with my Mini Mazza at home. So grind before work and make a decent coffee at work.

    Any suggestions on the machine I would be looking at to do this and cost?

    Cheers *:)

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    Re: Cheap second machine for my office

    whats cheap?? :o

    there are the sunbeam machines (4800, 3800 or 2300) all are good cheap machines, I had a 4800 and it did a great job for the price, lasted 6 years too.

    Check the for sale section here too.

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