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Thread: EM4800C problem

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    EM4800C problem

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    hey guys..
    ive had my sunbeam em4800C for about a month now, and its starting to become dodgy..
    usually it makes a loud pumping noise wen i turn the knob to the coffee and coffee comes out pretty fast..
    but now it makes the noise for a few seconds and the coffee comes out before suddenly the noise will stop and coffee will jst drip out as if the pump stopped working or something.. the warming up light will also turn on again.. but no matter how long i wait for the warming light to turn off, wen i turn the knob again, the process will repeat itself, after a couple of seconds it will turn off..

    would this have anything to do with me having to descale my machine? or is it jst broken?

    any ideas?, thx

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    Re: EM4800C problem

    It wont need a descale this soon.
    Seems like its broken.
    Take it back.

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    Re: EM4800C problem

    You could just be choking the machine.

    Try a coarser grind.

    Otherwise... what he said //\/ //\/ //\/

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    Re: EM4800C problem

    have you refilled it with water?

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