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Thread: Breville 800ES attempt at repairs - diagnosis anyone???

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    Breville 800ES attempt at repairs - diagnosis anyone???

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    I recently received someones old Breville 800ES that they have had for four years. They told me that it suddenly stopped working. The lights on the front panel werent working and they didnt know what was wrong with it. they took it to a repair shop who told them that the circuit board behind the switches would need replacing (about $100). They decided against it and so ended up in my hands.

    I have become very interested in how coffee machines work and what is in them ever since I got into the whole coffee thing. I thought this might be a good project for me to start on.

    Unfortunately I have no idea what I am doing and could really use some advice on what to do and what might be wrong with it.

    I pulled it apart and have taken a couple of photos. One of the main problems was the shower screen screw cannot be removed as it doesnt look like it has been cleaned for about four years. I havnt managed to get it off but I did manage to open the thermo block (is that right) up.

    I will put the photos up and await any responses with interest.

    If you think it can be saved with a good clean up or if there are actually parts that need replacing please let me know.



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    Re: Breville 800ES attempt at repairs - diagnosis anyone???

    I used to have one before I gave it to a friend and bought a VBM piccolo :)

    I had mine for 3 years and didnt remove the shower screen very often, well ok, hardly at all, I did flush the machine after each use, anyway the coffee residue had built up in the screen to the stage water was barely getting through, the gasket was stuffed as well, see here for an example

    scroll down to my post about the filter baskets, bad doesnt cover it.

    the shower screen does come out and you more than likely need to replace the gasket, about $20 from breville service.

    I would not have taken the thermobloc apart, but when you see all those screws the temptation is sometimes too great to take it apart isnt it?, when you put it back together, make sure you torque those screws down tight, last thing you want is water leakage around the thermobloc.

    anyway dont really like the look of the inside of the thermoblock, cannot see how but it looks like the coffee has been backing up through it or it needs a serious descale.

    the circuit board behind the switches?, umm there is isnt really that much behind those switches, 2 microswitches and 3 press buttons, the main controller board is down the rightside leg.

    seeing the machine hasnt been cleaned properly in the 4 years, I am wondering if it is clogged up with coffee grounds and the water cannot flow through and a safety cutout has activated.


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