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Thread: Problem with Sunbeam EM3600

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    Problem with Sunbeam EM3600

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    Hi guys,

    I currently own a Sunbeam EM3600 machine used in conjunction with a sunbeam EM0480 grinder (grinder setting 12 to 15). I will be taking ownership of a Gaggia Classic next week :) However I am wanting to sell my Sunbeam machine and i have an issue with it.
    Recently i have had water come out of the group head whilst pouring a shot - basically splurting (if thats a word) everywhere. I have replaced the seal on the group head on the advice of the manual to no avail.
    I have adjusted the grind setting to 15 ownly recently as i was using a setting of 12 up until this problem. I would fill the portafilter to the top of the basket and then tamp fairly firmly. The resulting pour would be quite slow with the coffee coming out in drops (tasted fantastic but). It seemed like the machine would struggle to extract it and push it through. When I switched off the pour switch the machine would let out a bit of steam and make a "schhh" sound. When I turned on the steam wand it would steam almost immeadietly and with great pressure.
    I have read that because these machines dont have a 3 way solenoid and that they are really only designed to push through a coarser grind, have i bitten off more than i can chew and inadvertantly stuffed my machine up? I think I know the answer to this (take it to a repairer) but thought I would ask.

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    Re: Problem with Sunbeam EM3600

    im not to fimilier with the EM3600 but i would say check your group gasket and clean it, try cleaning it out as well.

    is it a new thing or happened before? have you changed anything?

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    Re: Problem with Sunbeam EM3600

    I had a sunbeam 4800 and it never leaked for ages.

    Then one day it started leaking, I replaced the seal, basket(with a krups) and the plastic bit that the handle locks into and it still leaks.

    Eventually I gave up and now have a Classic which never leaks.

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    Re: Problem with Sunbeam EM3600

    I have an EM5600 at home, and after about a year of ownership, using depressurised baskets, it started leaking like youve described. I tried changing the seal, but it only helped for a couple of shots.

    But I then found out my dad got an extended warranty, and we got the unit replaced, again on the extended warranty. At least I can have coffee at home.

    EDIT: Basically, if its still under warranty, you could probably get it replaced, but theres not much you can do to save it.

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