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Thread: Problems with my Krups XP4020

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    Problems with my Krups XP4020

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    I bought a Krups XP4020 a couple of weeks ago and to my dismay there has already been a few issues. Im no coffee connoisseur, nad when limited to three espresso machines here in Bahrain I have little variety.

    First use of the machine worked great, nice crema and decent frothing capabilities.
    Second use, the frother attachment exploded off the machine spraying milk and steam everywhere and scaring the hell out of me while still half asleep.
    Third use, coffee began leaking through the screw at the bottom of the group holder.
    Fourth use, while trying to make an espresso using a 2-cup filter (despite indicator telling me it was ready) steam was coming out of the group (i.e. too hot) and a couple of seconds later hot coffee started spraying in all directions but down from the "nozzles" where coffee is supposed to stream out, scalding my hand as a result and resulting in no crema. This does not happen when using the 1-cup filter, despite it being the same group head.

    Has anyone had similar issues and been able to resolve them? Im happy enough using the frother without the attachment, but do not want to get scalded everytime I try to make a coffee!

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    Re: Problems with my Krups XP4020

    i had a Krups 4020, they are ok with unpressurised baskets when temp surfing is learnt.

    2] with milk frothing only do it without the attachment and i also removed the o-ring, just need a bit of an angle on your jug.

    3] i loctited my screw in the group head, check its tight

    4] try not to over tamp or grind to fine, i also found you cant rush it. after heating has completed turn the switch back to middle wait until it has finished cycling then switch it over to brew setting.

    to help with steaming milk, after brewing switch it back to middle to cycle and then back to reheat water once heating light goes off then bleed off water when switch to steam and once bled turn back only a little bit until steam stops. then put your milk under and turn to steam.

    hope this helps, Azz

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