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Thread: Solis Sl-70 Parts

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    Solis Sl-70 Parts

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    Recently my solis sl-70 has a leaking steamwand. So when it heats up water starts to leak out. The problem is when I start to steam, I turn the knob and steam starts to flow out but very weak stream even when its turned all the way. Now if I press the knob in I get the normal strong steam and when released it goes back to a weak stream of steam. Im suspecting that the washer or something inside the steam valve has started to fall apart.
    So the main question is where can I get some parts for this steam valve?? Im pretty sure Diamond C is the importer of these machines but not sure if they are still around?


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    Re: Solis Sl-70 Parts

    So any ideas??

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    Re: Solis Sl-70 Parts

    Quote Originally Posted by 7D5158585B5B6175575A3E0 link=1250586570/1#1 date=1250686631
    So any ideas??
    Perhaps send an e-mail off to the Solis factory and ask them who the new reps are in Oz?


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