Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Ive had my Saeco Via Vanazia for over four years - and its been bliss. *A great little machine that produces consistent, great quality shots.

But just recently, its been playing up. *When I turn it on and attempt to get water from the group head, nothing comes out. *It sounds OK, but just a few drips of water.

As for the steam spout, water dribbles out sporadically - sometimes solid for a few seconds, sometimes nothing, sometimes steam (???). *Weird.

Ive tried to descale (something I do quite regularly), but it doesnt flush through - same problem - theres no water flow.

Heres a video I put up on YouTube of the machine in operation. *Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,


PS: If all else fails, Im considering upgrading - so if any sponsors want to come to the party with a trade-in, Im all ears... *Im looking at a budget of about $2k (Ive already got a grinder (Solis)).