Hi All,

Ive been lurking around the site for a while, but finally joined up...
I recently inherited a Via Venezia (about 7 years old) from my in-laws and upgraded to the non ppf straight away. *I also have a EM0480 set on about 9-11 (depending on beans). *One problem I have noticed is that when I pull a shot, I only get a slow dribble out of the machine and only a really thin, weak crema. *I have tried adjusting the grind, dose, tamp pressure and also tried changing beans to no avail. *Even with the group handle empty, there is not a lot of flow. The only thing I can put it down to is the pressure of the machine. *I have found a site which shows how to strip and clean the pump which I plan to do over the weekend. *The only other factor I can see is the shower screen. *I have removed and cleaned it, as it was fairly gummed up when I got it, but Im not sure if some of the holes around the outer edge of the screen may be blocked as it all looks fairly symmetrical. *Could anyone with one of these machines please let me know if the two outermost rows of "holes" in the screen are supposed to be open or blind?

One other small problem with the machine is that shortly after I turn it on it starts to drip out the group head. *When I took the shower screen off, I noticed there is a crack in the screw hole. *Can anyone tell me if this is part of the boiler or is it able to be replaced? *I dont think this would explain the flow / pressure problem but maybe???