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Thread: Replacement Steam Wand

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    Replacement Steam Wand

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have had the mis-fortune of loosing the steam wand for my Krups Coffee Machine and was wondering if anyone knows where to source spare parts for Krups coffee machines in Australia..?

    The model XP4020 is my works machine and am hoping to get it back up and running asap....

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    Re: Replacement Steam Wand

    Gday Coffee Creator and welcome to CS.
    If you do a google search for krups espresso spare parts youll find a supplier (should be the first result).
    BTW, How did you lose the steam arm from your machine? :-?
    Good luck with it,

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    Re: Replacement Steam Wand

    Steve thanks for your reply.

    I work at sea and have the machine setup in our control van..

    Stupidly and before I could do anything about it I threw the milk jug contents over board - what I thought was dirty water from previous cleaning -
    Now the steam wand is wet stored in the Indian Ocean.... Woops

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